Why I created voiceauthor.com?

"This platform is to me, the manifestation of a deep sense of self-empowerment.  Starting in 2016 with humble beginnings from my study table in Dubai, I aimed to create a one-stop shop for everything you could possibly need from a Voice Over Artist. Why? Well for one I have been told from the age of 16 that I possess a strong and commanding voice. Testament to this talent was further given to me when I was often asked to voice documentaries, news stories and commercials for the TV channels I used to work with. However, I never prioritized the need to take this and develop it into a brand of its own,  until now!

Being an obsessive internet enthusiast I've always been on the lookout for new innovation and creativity around the world. 2016 by my inference was the "Year of Content Creators".  Be it on YouTube, Facebook, iTunes, Vines, WordPress, Snapchat and especially Instagram, motivated people from the world over were now making full use of the technology of the day, turning their following on the internet into interesting business models. As a member of the Internet start-up and e-commerce space, I am constantly riding the waves of start-up booms and their eventual bust. 2015 & 2016 just happened to mark the beginning of the end of the Indian e-commerce mania. The result was large scale layoffs and resentment.

I, therefore, decided that I shall be forever be governed by two guiding principles.

  1. If you have talent, you must use it to bring value to the community
  2. Always demonstrate your skills

While these may be obvious to most people, I am constantly surprised by how many of my peers fail to live by them.

This leads me to what I plan to do with The Voice Author.

The Mission:  The Asian market is still relatively new in its subscription and consumption of audiobooks. The voice author will complement and support the many emerging authors in India and around Asia by providing them with an option to increase sales by adding Audiobooks to their inventories along with their books and e-books. It will also help production and publishing houses find a voice for narration of their films and books. As time progresses I hope to add new services to my own voice portfolio.

It will also be my endeavour to be a responsible stakeholder in the Voice Over industry, to help make it more organized and mainstream. I hope to empower budding voice over talent, by giving them the tools and information they need to help them build their own careers in the VO market. "